Age 16-18

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When you’re over 16, you could be doing all sorts of things.. you could be at school, college, with a training provider, working, doing an apprenticeship, or running your own business. 

Remember you now have to stay in some form of learning until you are 18 years old (this is called Raising the Participation Age (RPA)). 

RPA doesn't mean you have to stay on at school:

You can:

  • Continue in full-time education either sixth form or college.
  • Work for an employer or do an apprenticeship (or training leading to an apprenticeship)
  • Be self employed or take part in voluntary work


  • If you work more than 20 hours per week then you will have to do some part-time quality education or training.


16-18 year old? Not in Employment, Education or Training? 

Doncaster Council have a service called The Participation and Transition Service which aims to support young people to continue and progress into learning, we will support:

  • Young people who are aged 15 years and are on alternative education or on off-site provision
  • Young people who are aged 15 to 24 years and have special educational needs that need support to make a positive transition into post 16/9 learning, and
  • Young people who are aged 16-18years who are unemployed

The PATs Team offer individual support, information and advice and careers guidance about learning opportunities in Doncaster, support transition including applying for and completing application processes.

Contact the Participation and Transition Team on 01302 862150, Facebook or Twitter.  

The PATs team can help you with your career and job search including apprenticeships and training. They offer benefits advice and will support you to get other help you may need, especially if you find yourself in difficult circumstances. Where needed, they work with other agencies, for example adult health and social care.

Click here to find out more about job search hints and tips.

Further Education:

If you’re 16-17    

You could be in Year 12 on a one year course at school or college..

  • Maybe your results aren’t so great at the end of Year 12. 
  • The course might not be what you were hoping for.
  • You might have done better in your exams than you expected.
  • You might be thinking about looking for an apprenticeship or job with training.
  • You might need to re-think your plans.

There’s help and support available whatever your situation.

If you’re at school, ask to see your Careers Adviser. They will be able to help you with your next step and give you advice on alternatives.

16- 17 - Year 12/13 

If you’re on a two year Level 3 course (A levels, BTEC) you might be thinking about going to university (higher education). Higher Education (HE) is learning for people aged 18 or over, who have successfully completed a Level 3 qualification, such as A levels or Level 3 BTECs.

Think about what kind of person you are, what exam results you are likely to get and the type of higher education course (and job) you'd like.

Find out how long the courses last, the qualifications you'll need to get there, where you can go and how to apply. You’ll also need to consider how much it costs.

At the end of your 6th form/college study ....

Thinking about getting a job?


Further Information

All students in full or part-time education aged 16 to 19 will be expected to follow a study programme tailored to their individual needs, education and employment goals, including students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.


Further Information

The Government is encouraging more young people to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects because they will give you the skills you need for a wide range of jobs. Check out websites like this; to see the vast range of careers available when you study science and maths.