Age 13-14

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When your son/daughter is in Year 8/9 they may have started to think about what they want to do at the end of Year 11.

  • They will choose their GCSE options (other courses may be available depending on the school/Academy) during this time.
  • Information will be made available by the school and there will be chance for you to attend an event to help support your son/daughter to make their choices.
  • Schools should have a Careers Education and Guidance Programme in place for year 8-13 to help learners find out about careers and where their option choices may lead them.
  • Attending School Parents evenings or Options Events will help you to help your son/daughter understand their options post 16.
  • Connectu2 has practical careers activities icould and future morph these may help your son/daughter identify future careers. 
  • Your son/daughter’s school have the responsibility to provide access to independent and impartial careers guidance, from years 8 -13, should you wish your son/daughter to access professional careers interview/support contact their school.